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Circular Letter No. 2024-15 | Discount Rates for Life and Non-Life Insurance Policy Reserves and Reserves for Long-Term Contracts of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) as of 30 June 2024
Circular Letter No. 2024-14 | Guidelines on the Submission of the Disaster Risk Financing Insurance (DRFI) Report and Premium and Risk Register (PRR) Report on Fire and Motor Car Policies and Bonds, and Other Related Requirements
Circular Letter No. 2024-13 | Consolidated Guidelines for Takaful Window Operation
Circular Letter No. 2024-12 | Guidelines on the Electronic Filing of the Audited Financial Statements and Attachments of HMOs
Circular Letter No. 2024-11 | Reinstatement of Circular Letter No. 2016-55 on the "Strict Implementation of the Minimum Rates for Earthquake, Typhoon and Flood Covers and Related Guidelines" and Participation in the Philippine Catastrophe Insurance Facility (PCIF)
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Circular Letter No. 2023-25 | Salary Loans Extended to Department of Education (DepEd) Teachers
Circular Letter No. 2023-24 | Regulatory Relief on the Liquidity Requirement under Circular Letter No. 2016-41
Circular Letter No. 2023-23 | Guidelines in the Renewal of Insurance Agent's License Expiring 31 December 2023
Circular Letter No. 2023-22 | Discount Rates for Life and Non-Life Insurance Policy Reserves and Reserves for Long-Term Contracts of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) AS OF 30 September 2023
Circular Letter No. 2023-21 | Supplemental Guidelines on Voluntary Cessation and Withdrawal from Pre-Need Business in the Philippines
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Circular Letter 2022-55 | 2022 Philippine Intercompany Mortality Study
Circular Letter 2022-54 | Setting Aside the Adoption of the Revised Schedule of Minimum Catastrophe Rates under IC CL 2022-34
Circular Letter 2022-53 | Release of Quarterly Statistics on Newly Licensed and Active Insurance Agents in the Philippines
Circular Letter 2022-52 | Submission of Quarterly Reports on Investments Made or Sold or Disposed of (QRIMSD)
Circular Letter 2022-51 | IC Advance Release Calendar and Revision Policy of Statistical Reports
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Circular Letter 2021-73 | Guidelines on Requests for Financial Documents of Regulated Entities
Circular Letter 2021-72 | Deposit of Securities for Companies Currently in the Process of Complying with Section 209 of the Amended Insurance Code
Circular Letter 2021-71 | Guidelines Strengthening Typhoon "Odette" - Related Claims Management Policies
Circular Letter 2021-70 | Amendment to Section 2 of CL No. 2019-07 or the Guidelines and Grounds for Reduction of Penalties Due to Delays in the Submission of Reportorial Requirements
Circular Letter 2021-69 | Issuance and Implementation of the Revised Standard Chart of Accounts (SCA)
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