Insurance Commission

Circular Letters


Circular Letter 2022-12 | Application of PFRS 17 for HMOs
Circular Letter 2022-11 | Revocation of the Requirement to Submit Hard Copy of Documents Relevant to Products/Forms Approved by the Insurance Commission
Circular Letter 2022-10 | Revised Guidelines on Online Submission of Requests for Approval of Products/Forms or Any other Related Requests
Circular Letter 2022-09 | Guidelines on the Licensing Requirements of Insurance and/or Reinsurance Brokers Engaged in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Business
Circular Letter 2022-08 | Guidelines on the Implementation of Republic Act No. 11523 or the "Financial Institutions Strategic Transfer (FIST) Act"
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Circular Letter 2021-40 | Increasing the Capacity of the Online Agent’s Computerized Examinations (Online ACE)
Circular Letter 2021-39 | Amendment to CL No. 2018-37 on Guidelines on Requests for Financial Documents of Regulated Entities
Circular Letter 2021-38 | Guidelines on the Re-Imposition of Penalties which were Suspended under CL No. 2020-93 as Directed under Bayanihan 2
Circular Letter 2021-37 | Online Submission of the AML and CTF Compliance Questionnaire under Circular Letter No. 2020-08
Circular Letter 2021-36 | Extension Of Period For Submission Of The Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR)
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