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Circular Letter 2022-38 | Discount Rates for Life and Non-Life Insurance Policy Reserves and Reserves for Long-Term Contracts of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) as of 30 June 2022
Circular Letter 2022-37 | Amended Guidelines on Allowable Investments for Pre-Need Trust Funds
Circular Letter 2022-36 | Submission of Status Reports and Additional Disclosures in the Financial Statements Relative to IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts
Circular Letter 2022-35 | Examination of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation by the Insurance Commission
Circular Letter 2022-34 | Guidelines on the Adoption of the Revised Schedule of Minimum Catastrophe Rates
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Circular Letter 2021-69 | Issuance and Implementation of the Revised Standard Chart of Accounts (SCA)
Circular Letter 2021-68 | Guidelines on Offering of Discounts on Membership Fees of HMO Products
Circular Letter 2021-67 | Extension of Period for the Submission of the Survey on Targeted Financial Sanctions Under Circular Letter No. 2021-63
Circular Letter 2021-66 | Amendment to Guidelines on Electronic Commerce of Insurance Products
Circular Letter 2021-65 | Revised On-Site Examination/Off-Site Verification Rules and Procedures
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Circular Letter 2020-48 | Dissemination of Financial Assistance Program for Dependents of Covid-19 Victims of SGI Philippines General Insurance Co., Inc.
Circular Letter 2020-47 | Amended Guidelines on the Submission of Quarterly Reports of Financial Reporting Framework (FRF), Risk-Based Capital (RBC2) and Insurance Policy Reserve Valuation Standards, and Status Report on IFRS 17
Circular Letter 2020-46 | Amendment to Section 1 of Circular Letter No. 2020-29 Dated 30 March 2020 on Guidelines Governing Initiatives of Life Insurance Companies to Sell Life Insurance Products too the Public During the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) Period Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Circular Letter 2020-45 | Amendments to Circular Letter 2019-71 Product Oversight and Governance
Circular Letter 2020-49 | Dissemination of Anti-Money Laundering Council's Advisories on Submission of CTRs, STRs, KYC Documents During ECQ Period
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