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The Insurance Commission’s Shared Core Values

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Insurance Commission

Insurance touches all our lives in a multitude of ways. It is an essential element in our present day life, securing our standards of living and the stability of our families, as well as our property rights. Everyone in this country feels the protecting arm in some form of insurance and most of us are affected by the many forms of its protection.

In view of this widespread public interest in the various insurance coverage, the supervision of this business has become an integral part of our government process.  Read More

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Citizen's Charter

In keeping with the policy of the State (R.A. 9485 and R.A. 11032) to promote integrity, accountability, proper management of public affairs and public property as well as to establish effective practices aimed at the efficient turnaround of the delivery of government services and the prevention of graft and corruption in the government, the Insurance Commission has adopted its own Citizen’s Charter containing the procedures, fees, processing time, and requirements for our services.

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Regulated Entities​

The data shown below is the number of companies with a Certificate of Authority as of 30 April 2024.

Life Companies
Pre-Need Companies
Health Maintenance Organizations
Non-Life Companies
Insurance Brokers
Mutual Benefit Associations