Insurance Commission

PIRA Member Companies Lauded for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects Following Onslaught of Typhoons Qunita, Rolly, and Ulysses

Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa commended the member-companies of the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association, Inc. (PIRA) for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects conducted following the onslaught of Typhoons Quinta, Rolly, and Ulysses.

“The Insurance Commission lauds the member-companies of PIRA for exerting tremendous efforts in extending aid and assistance to our fellow Filipinos following the aftermath of Typhoons Quinta, Rolly, and Ulysses. Truly, PIRA and its member companies have exemplified the true Filipino spirit of ‘bayanihan’ in their CSR projects,” Commissioner Funa said.

In a report submitted by the PIRA on 16 December 2020, PIRA outlined the CSR projects conducted by its member-companies, particularly 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines and General Insurance (1CISP), UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc. (COCOGEN), Malayan Insurance Company, FPG Insurance Co., Inc., Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc., Pacific Cross Insurance, Inc., Pacific Union Insurance Company, Sterling Insurance Company, Inc., Western Guaranty Corporation, Philippines First Insurance Co., Inc., Travellers Insurance & Surety Corporation, and CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Corporation (CLIMBS).

1CISP conducted relief operations in the areas of Marikina City, San Mateo and Rodriguez, Rizal and donated P1.65 million in financial aid to various beneficiaries through its Community Development Fund.

COCOGEN’s employees raised funds to extend cash assistance, relief goods, and construction materials to various beneficiaries in the Bicol region and Marikina City.

Meanwhile, Malayan Insurance Company gave financial assistance, medicine, food and hygiene items to thousands of families in Cainta, Montalban, and Rodriguez, Rizal, and Cagayan.

FPG Insurance Co., Inc. reportedly donated gift baskets, pet grooming and vitamins, school supplies, food bundles, toys through its “Young Focus PH”, “Animal Kingdom Foundation” and “Smile for a Reason” CSR projects.

Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. also donated hygiene kits and food items to various areas in the Bicol region, as well as in Cagayan and Isabela.

Also, Pacific Cross Insurance, Inc. distributed food and hygiene kits to 327 families in Marikina City.

Pacific Union Insurance Company donated more than 4,000 hygiene kits, food packs, and clothes to various beneficiaries in the Quezon and Bicol provinces, Marikina City, Cagayan, and Tanay, Rizal.

For its part, Sterling Insurance Company, Inc. gave relief goods at San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal to approximately 1,500 families.

Western Guaranty Corporation and Philippines First Insurance Co., Inc. raised funds for donations to affected families as part of its CSR projects.

Travellers Insurance & Surety Corporation conducted a gift-giving activity called “Operation Smile” to benefit affected children, raising funds from an inter-branch fund drive activity.

Last, but not least, CLIMBS, through its “CLIMBS CARES” (CLIMBS Community Action Response to Emergency Services) program, approved financial assistance amounting to P1 million to assist affected cooperatives and communities.

“Again, I commend PIRA’s member-companies for their proactive efforts in helping our countrymen who are in need of assistance due to the recent typhoons. Indeed, their CSR efforts are a testament to PIRA’s commitment not only to being an industry that is financially strong and globally competitive, but an industry that is also socially responsible and genuinely cares for its stakeholders,“ said Commissioner Funa.