2020IMC 2020-01Amendments to Insurance Memorandum Circular No. 2016-01 on the Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases in the Insurance Commission
2018IMC 2018-01Triple I’s 2018 Awards for Non-Life Insurance Agents and Brokers
2017IMC 2017-01Rules of Procedure for Adjudication of Cases Against Health Maintenance Organizations in the Insurance Commission
2016IMC 2016-01Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases in the Insurance Commission
2014IMC 2014-01Rules of Procedure Governing Trial and Hearing of Claim Cases on Insurance, Reinsurance and those arising under the Membership Certificates Issued by Mutual Benefit Associations, in the Insurance Commission
2010IMC 2010-01Regulations for the Provision of Microinsurance Products and Services
2007IMC 2007-01Extension of Submission of the Projected Financial Statements in support of the submitted commitments to Build Up Capitalization per DO 27-06, IMC nos. 6-2006, 7-2006 and 10-2006
2006IMC 2006-11Adoption of Risk-Based Capital Framework for the Philippine Mutual Benefit Associations
2006IMC 2006-10Integrating Compliance Standards for Fixed Capitalization under Department Order No. 27-06 and Risk-Based Capital Framework Under Insurance Memorandum Circular nos. 6-2006 and 7-2006, and applicable fines
2006IMC 2006-09Microinsurance Regulation and Declaration of Policy Objectives
2006IMC 2006-07Adoption of Risk-Based Capital Framework for the Philippine Non-Life Insurance Industry
2006IMC 2006-06Adoption of Risk-Based Capital Framework for the Philippine Life Insurance Industry
2006IMC 2006-05Current List of Insurance Companies with Valid Certificates of Authority
2006IMC 2006-04Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (CMVLI) Coverage
2006IMC 2006-03Fees and Charges
2006IMC 2006-02Increase in the Amount of Guaranty Fund of Mutual Benefit Associations
2006IMC 2006-01Capitalization Requirements for Insurance Brokers and Reinsurance Brokers
2004IMC 2004-01Licensing and Regulation
1993IMC 1993-03Licensing of Insurance Agents and General Agents
1993IMC 1993-01Rules and Procedure Governing Administrative Cases before the Insurance Commission
1991IMC 1991-02Rules of Procedure Governing Hearings before the Insurance Commission